New Book bridges Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology!

Aztec Calendar Handbook; News ReleaseThe ancient wisdom ascribed is found behind the creation of a 500-year-old artifact, the Aztec Calendar. To the Natives it was Teoilhuicatl Apaluaztli Ollin Tonal Machiotl meaning the Great and Venerable Mechanism of the Universe. In contrast, the modern technology was used to create a Technical Manual for the Aztec Calendar that delineates the elements of this ancient monument with engineering documentation techniques. [Note: The Aztec name was given to the Mechican Indians (ch as in chevron; sometimes spelled Mexican) by an English writer in the 19th century.]

The Aztec Calendar Handbook, involving thousands of man-hours of effort to create, takes the Technical Manual approach to a Historical Reference book. Illustrated with over 150 technical drawings showing enlargement details, cut-away views, and computer-generated art, this new guidebook has been called the "ultimate" Aztec Calendar reference treatise. Distilled from over 240 sources and quoting direct eyewitnesses from the 1500’s, it further includes a glossary of over 230 native words. This attractive book is made with parchment paper and has a leather-grained cover, making it resemble an ancient manuscript.

Sample Pages from BookThe research for writing the Aztec Calendar Handbook was assisted by custom software to convert Native date designators into our modern calendar dating system. In this way, a researcher is able to convert and track the dates of events from surviving native history books, known as codices. Mountains of information could be processed more efficiently and accurately when correlating indigenous dates. Inversely, a Julian date can also be converted into the Mayan long-count system. It is then possible for the Mechican calendar-labeling scheme to be transposed over the count to generate a person’s Aztec tonallo or spiritual name from their birth date.

According to Native tradition, our current long-count cycle will be complete in December 2012. A long-count cycle, credited to the Olmec/Maya, is 5125 years and started in the year 3114BC. No one is really sure what will happen when the cycle ends, or at least they aren’t talking.

By looking at myths, legends & history with an Aztec’s perception of God, this new Manual provides needed answers to some important questions.

Would you like to know about how and when the Maya influenced the design of the Aztec Calendar? Have you ever seen the Hopi version of the Quetzalcoatl? Would you like to put the last 12,000 years into perspective? If so, then your library needs the Aztec Calendar Handbook. You will find yourself referring to it over and over again. No stone was left unturned.


"This new book is not only the Ultimate Guide to the Aztec Calendar, it is the only guide that goes into this degree of depth and scope of what the Mexican culture is all about."
Gerald Rodriguez, Education Director

Mexican Heritage Corporation

"This is truly a monumental effort to reduce a vast and complicated history into a simple, clear explanation.      …an authoritative introduction to the Aztec Calendar.  It is appropriate for children and adults."
Jeff Paul, Director

Chicano Studies Library & Multicultural Center, SJSU

"This is a study that anyone who claims any Native American ancestry must look at.  The presentation is outstanding."
Dr. Cecil Orozco, Historian, Author, Educator

University of California, Fresno

"Intriguing! This book is definitely on the right path. I like the way you have presented the evidence and allow the reader to form their own opinion."
Sonny Reyna, Elder and Counselor

San Juan Bautista American Indian Council

"For it's seemingly small size, your book contains more information on this Native American artifact than a dozen other books covering the same subject."
Professor Sam Rios, Ethnic Studies/Anthropolgy

Sacramento State University, CA

8 1/2" x 11", over 150 illustrations, 100 pages with Nahuatl glossary, index and extensive bibliography.  Leather - textured, durable laminated, color cover.  ISBN:0-9661163-1-3       3rd Edition............$24.95

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